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LeAnna Eden is a self taught guitarist who has been growing her brand throughout the US.



LeAnna Eden is a singer-songwriter originally from Milwaukee, WI. She is an eclectic mix of musical genres ranging from neo-soul to alternative rock. A self taught guitarist she has been growing her brand. Over the past ten years she has played the Midwest, the Rust Belt and is slowly making her way up and down the East Coast.

Some musical highlights have been playing the Cactus Club, Milwaukee Pride 2012-13; Black Dot Music Fest in Chicago; Rivers of Honey in NYC; and opening for the Grammy nominated artist Emily King this past July 2015.

Her newly formed band: The Garden Of is made up by James Jeffrey on drums, Ethan Lilley on bass and Zach Willard on lead guitar.

Visit for updates to upcoming shows and events.

How long have you been a resident of the Charlotte area? If not originally from here where did you come from?  

3 years, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What are some of your favorite hidden gems around the Charlotte area?

Soule Jukebox Recording Studio

imageWhat got you into Music? and what keeps you wanting to do it? 

Performing music was a great way to go to the bar alone, make friends and not come off as a creep. But now, it’s so much more. It’s the way I can really give all of myself to people. I love making people feel, and giving them the pace to feel.

What are some of your other hobbies besides music? 

It’s not really a hobby, but my day job. I’m a cook.

What is your go to karaoke song? 

HAIM- If I Could Change Your Mind.

Who are some of your influences? Music or otherwise?  

Billy Holliday, Regina Spektor, Doria Roberts, Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Thee Satisfaction, Emily King, Pink.

“Performing music was a great way to go to the bar alone, make friends and not come off as a creep. But now, it’s so much more.”

Which Spice Girl is your favorite? 

Scary Spice.

What is one of your favorite songs you have written and why? 

Many Mournings After. It’s a song about growing up, being in your 20’s, realizing alot of the people around you might not be the ones for you and its ok to let go. Also, it’s about drinking to much and those thoughts of regret the next morning. Basically, it’s about picking yourself up and moving on.

What was the first concert you attended? 

I can’t really remember, it was probably a house show or something. But, my favorite concert is and will always be the first time I saw Death Cab for Cutie. I cried for like 2 hours straight. It was epic.

Describe yourself in three words. 

Chill, loyal, hopeless romantic.  Thats four words, but whatever.

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