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Leave the Universe release N.W.O. video, talk new single



Lead singer Cameron Cole and guitarist Kalin Pugh spent a year building a strong core following in their home of San Diego before moving to London and forming the Dead 30 Artist collective with Austin Arthur and the rest of the members of The L.I.F.T.

While in London, the band completed N.W.O., which explores themes of breaking barriers in subjects such as politics, isolation, mental insanity and love, from a very aggressive and external point of view.

Where does the name of the band come from?

Lead singer Cameron Cole: The name is a metaphor for breaking past the most impossible limits and not being afraid of the biggest obstacles imaginable.

Who are some of your influences past and present?

CC: I listened to a lot of pop as a young child like Michael Jackson, but when I entered my teen years I started to listed to a lot of Alternative music like Nine Inch Nails.  More recently I found a great love for Hip/Hop and listen to artists such as Kanye West and $uicide Boy$.  I suppose I take a lot of influence from all these places in the production I do.

What’s the story behind the newest single?

CC: The newest single “If You Find Me” is about feeling completely isolated form the rest of the world and hoping to find just one person to connect with that understands who you really are.

For those who haven’t seen you live, how would you describe your shows and atmosphere?

CC: We have a show coming up at SOMA in San Diego on October 14th with L.I.F.T and I can say for sure that its going to be over the top energy from both the crowd and the bands. SOMA is one of our favorite places to play and this will be the first time these tunes will be heard live so we’re planning quite an exciting night!

What are your plans for the end of 2017?

CC: Some really great things have just opened up for us recently.  I can’t give away anything right now other than we will be releasing a second Ep and it will be in a much bigger way this time. We have a lot of exciting things being set into place right now and we ant wait to share it with our fans!

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