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Lisa Ramsey brings soul, strength and sensuality to The Beatles’ “Come Together”



Lisa Ramsey added some (arguably much-needed) rock and soul to The Beatles’ track “Come Together.

Ramsey revealed that she wanted to use the cover to remind everyone to combat hate with love while still fighting with strength. “The fight’s not over,” she explained. “I’m amongst it and I’m with it and I’m here for it and I’m screaming at everyone. And I’m using The Beatles to help me out.”

Produced by Frank Cogliano of Soundcat Productions, the cover uses Ramsey’s unique blend of genres to give the song an edge. “I was going for an update on a psychedelic sound but with a darker edge that makes more sense in the current era. It matches the vibe that we were going for with Lisa on her debut album,” said Cogliano.

Shot entirely on an iPhone due to COVID limitations, Ramsey divulged that the video was intended to depict “someone going crazy when they’re going through quarantine,” she said. “When I’m wearing white, it’s like I’m losing my mind, and when I’m wearing black, it’s like this sexy subversion. Then, it just turned into this hot video. I’m a strong sexy black female and I ain’t got anything to hide.”

Check it out:

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