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Listen to Emily Haines cover LCD Soundsystem’s “American Dream”




Emily Haines just released a new song, a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “American Dream,” the title track from their recent comeback album. And it’s excellent, as is the case with most things Haines does.

Emily Haines, perhaps notable for being the leader of the band Metric, also has a solo side project under the name Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton. Under that moniker, Haines finally followed up her 2006 solo debut (Knives Don’t Have Your Back) this September with the stellar Choir Of The Mind. In addition to that, Haines also contributed to the new comeback album from Broken Social Scene, Hug Of Thunder.

All in all, it’s been a blessed year because we have a lot of new Emily Haines projects to devour. Her cover of “American Dream” was unexpected, but entirely welcome because she gives that BIG-sounding song a new shade by stripping it back and making the lyrics and her voice shine.

Stream her cover of “American Dream” here, and while you’re at it, stream her solo album Choir Of The Mind

Choir of the Mind is out now and can purchased right here.


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