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Listen to Johnny Jewel’s surprise LP ‘Themes For Television’



Johnny Jewel last released a solo project back in January of this year titled Digital Rain. The album came less than a year after his Twin Peaks-inspired/companion album Windswept. That LP hosted tracks that were written for the TV series, but went unused. Around the time of its release, Jewel had said there was a ton of instrumental music he had composed for it. It didn’t seem like all that extra stuff was going to be released, but here we are.

Just yesterday, Johnny Jewel surprise-dropped an entire new LP titled Themes For Television. The album is filled with 21 tracks of music he had written around the Twin Peaks period, presumably to be used in the show. Concerning the music, he had this to say:

“It’s been a year since Chromatics performed at the Roadhouse.With disintegrated memory through the haze of television snow, I wanted to share a glimpse behind the red curtain.”

The entire album is streaming right now. And if Jewel’s Windswept album, or even Digital Rain were right up your alley, this new one is highly worth a listen. You can do so right here.

There have also been even more rumors of the long, long, long-awaited LP Dear Tommy from Jewel’s band Chromatics dropping sometime this year. But considering the way things have gone with this thing, it’s not even really worth talking about right now. In the meantime…

Check out a gorgeously shot video for album track “Red Door,” plus the album art and tracklist for Themes For Television below.

01 Requiem
02 Windswept (Minimal)
03 Loveless
04 Saturday (Evening) – Desire
05 Red Curtains
06 Deja Vu
07 Lipstick
08 Tomorrow Is Yesterday
09 Shadow (Opening Titles)
10 Self Portrait
11 Black Room
12 Spiral Staircase
13 Embers
14 Sleepless
15 Nightmare
16 Red Door
17 Waking Up
18 Caffeine
19 Purgatory
20 Breathless
21 Infinity Room

Order a limited “cherry pie” colored vinyl copy of Themes For Television right here.


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