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Listen to Metric’s new album ‘Art Of Doubt’ a week ahead of its release



Metric have been gearing up to release their new album Art Of Doubt for a couple of months now. The album comes three years after their last record, and just one year after band-leader Emily Haines dropped a solo album. And even though the new album puts them seven albums deep into their career, they show no signs of stopping the creativity flowing. Art Of Doubt drops in just one week, but NPR is back at it with giving us an early stream of the entire LP right now.

Art Of Doubt is a pretty different record than their last release (and a very different thing altogether than that Emily Haines solo LP). It shows the band hitting a new stride in terms of sound construction, songwriting, and outright catchiness. The biggest sound difference this go-around is their return to more rock-driven guitar music, but fret not because the sound you may have enjoyed on recent Metric releases remains present in some form. Still, though, Art Of Doubt marks an incredibly welcome uptick from what we heard on the past couple of albums. The band sound reinvigorated, punchy, and creatively fresh. And of course we get some fantastic writing and singing from Emily Haines, who has never misstepped in terms of the all-in nature she gives to everything she’s a part of.

For the second time today, thank you NPR for giving us a new release one week ahead of time.

Stream Art Of Doubt right here.

Buy a copy of Art Of Doubt here.


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