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Little Kid share “I Thought That You’d Been Raptured”



Little Kid released their latest single “I Thought That You’d Been Raptured” ahead of the release of their album Transfiguration HIghway, out this Friday.

“This song is one of the most purely fictional songs I’ve written,” said songwriter Kenny Boothby. “It’s essentially all built around a joke I came up with where a man comes home early from work and finds his wife’s clothes around the house, but his first thought is that she has been raptured and he has been left behind. Of course, it turns out she is sleeping with someone else in the bedroom upstairs…”

He added, “Musically and lyrically, this is one of the songs I’m most proud of… I’m especially happy to have found a way to showcase my stupid sense of humour a little more obviously than usual.”

Check it out:

Transfiguration Highway Artwork and Tracklist

little kid transfiguration highway

1. I Thought That You’d Been Raptured
2. What’s In A Name
3. Transfiguration Highway
4. Thief On The Cross
5. All Night (Golden Ring)
6. Candle Out
7. Made For Each Other
8. Close Enough To Kill
9. Losing
10. Gill
11. Pry

Preorder the album here.

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