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Lo Village releases new single “Out The Window”



The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) native trio Lo Village release a new single “Out The Window” on December 1st, 2020, mixing reggae, hip-hop, old-school RnB, rap, and grunge rock guitar riffs. Lo Village shows us their unique style, and a sound that is just truly cool at its core.

Check it out:

Lo Village tackles injustice, staying true to one-self, and recognizing ‘fake’ in a highly political environment, all in this 10/10 song.

Members Kane Tabiri, Ama Tabiri, and Charles Tyler are saying something important, and it seriously needs to be heard. Along with the political message, this song is an absolute banger. As I’m writing this, this song is repeating once again, and I find that the more I listen to it the more I appreciate how genuinely great it is.

The more I hear Ama Tabiri’s voice, the more is hauntingly angelic it sounds in contrast to Charles Tyler and Kane Tabiri’s flowing rap. The verses give messages about surviving an increasingly corrupt America, the prevalent vs. the seemingly ‘undercover’ racist roots in our government, and just the pure frustration of growing up where it’s harder than ever to decipher who the real ‘good guys’ are. The lyrics do exactly what they are meant to do, make me think.

Hailing from Gaithersburg, MD, Lo Village is putting the MoCo music scene on the map, and I can boldly say that they are the best sound to come out of Gaithersburg (I don’t really like Logic, yikes). Their lyrics are meaningful, their sound has an immense groove, and their vibes are completely unmatched.

Please check out this group and stream “Out The Window” as many times as you can on Spotify and Apple Music.

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