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Local Natives drop new song “Café Amarillo”



A few weeks ago, Local Natives announced a string of Summer tour dates along with the hint at new music coming in March. At the time, it wasn’t clear on whether or not this meant a new single or new album or album announcement, but today we finally have our answer. Today, the band have shared the new music in the form of new single “Café Amarillo.” The new track comes tied with a new official video, which shows off some beautiful scenery as the band drives around and performs in the desert somewhere.

Local Natives haven’t released a new album since 2016’s Sunlit Youth, wherein the LA band honed in on their pop sensibilities to craft a more mainstream-sounding affair. It still very much contained streaks of what made the band stand out on their previous two releases, but it also left a little to be desired. Now, with “Café Amarillo,” the band have tweaked their sound once again. In some ways it sounds like a blend of all three of their previous records, with the grooves of Gorilla Manor, the mellow mood of Hummingbird, and the approachability of Sunlit Youth. At this time, the band have yet to share any further details on an upcoming album. But one would assume those will be hitting us fairly soon.

In the meantime, watch the video for “Café Amarillo” down below.

Local Natives will be heading out on tour this May. Check out the full list of dates and purchasing information here.


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