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LOLLAPALOOZA interview: A new identity hint from Atlanta hip-hop enigma RMR



RMR became a critical darling overnight with his viral video “RASCAL” last year and since has maintained feverish interest around him for his unique take on modern music and culture as he melts pop, r&b and country into gold. Along with this interesting combination, RMR has denied public access to his true identity, driving intense interest of who he really is.




Juxtaposed with a signature black and gold ski-mask, RMR’s voice is angelic and captivating —truly the real deal as he’s gearing up for his debut full length project this year. Lollapalooza is considered one of the largest and most iconic music festivals in the world, one of the longest-running in the United States, and THIS is where RMR held his first-ever performance. This move reveals his exciting trajectory towards the top with features with Future, Lil Baby and more.


We were able to catch him at Lollapalooza for a chat and even got an exclusive hint towards his identity that you won’t read anywhere else.


1) The full story of ATL-born RMR’s identity is an enigma, so what are you willing to tell us about your background without revealing too much?


[laughs] that my whole life I loved music and I always knew I could sing but never pursued it. 


2) Do you remember the moment the black balaclava became a part of your look?


Yes July 2019.


3) You reference Marshmellow’s anonymity in your 2020 Rolling Stone interview, why is remaining anonymous so important to RMR?


Being anonymous brings curiosity, which brings new observers that can lead to new fans.


4) Has music always been a large part of your life? Tell us about your first favorite artists, songs, etc.


Yes, pretty much everything Michael Jackson, anything that he did anything that he released I loved every bit of it which helped shape my sound when I was ready to pick up the pen.




5) You have numerous large features like Kid Ink, Young Thug and Future; who are some other artists you hope to collaborate with?


Some artist I’d love to collaborate with his prince and Michael Jackson [laughs]; pretty much anybody that’s good and I can make a great record with.


6) Your debut album Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art has its obvious inspirations. Can you talk about your personal experience with that particular hustle?


Drug dealing is a lost art, I loved that project. It’s speaking on experiences from others more so than myself. I’m a story teller so I’m giving you what I’ve seen and heard. Doesn’t mean I’ve lived it. Could be someone very close to me that’s still stuck in that life. From silence to welfare. All stories. Which ones relate to me? The listener can put their own thoughts together on that one.


7) What’s the story behind the photo on the album cover?


The bay area is amazing.


8) It seems like since “Rascal” dropped, your rise to fame has been a whirlwind. Tell us your most wild story since that happened!


Honestly there are no crazy stories yet besides finally LA opening a little bit and me meeting some other artist and celebrities that I’ve admired for years now but nothing too crazy. Lollapalooza was good though, that was an eye-opener. I got to see exactly what I could do with my brand and where it is going. Oh and fans tattooing me. Amazing, I love it!


9) Lollapalooza was your first show ever, that’s pretty insane. How did you prepare for your performance?


Yes Lolla was my first show. Practice practice practice practice practice, that’s what my band and myself did. And also watched videos of former Lollapalooza artist performing on the same stage I did, shout out Tito‘s vodka. 


10) Did you catch any other artist sets at Lollapalooza?


Yes I got to see Post Malone perform and that was about it pretty much, I was doing a lot of interviews and meeting a lot of fans.



11) What are some other festivals you’re hoping to perform at one day? Let’s manifest it here.


Oh man I’m hoping to do every festival I can possibly land on. I love them, I love the energy, I love the crowd, I love the booking agents [laughs]. Yes I love festivals.


12) You probably can’t reveal exactly what you’ve got coming up next in terms of songs or features, but can you drop some hints?


I’ll give you guys a clue, another masked artist. We actually have two records together and he performed at Lollapalooza and he’s also performing at Governors Ball. He’s a really good friend of mine but that’s about it that I will give you [laughs].


13) Lastly, if RMR had a tagline or catchphrase, what would it be?


Whole time.



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