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London’s Maya Delilah unveils emotional EP taking listeners through the stages of a break up



Soul-pop artist Maya Delilah unveils her sophomore EP ‘Its Not Me, Its You’. As a whole, this EP encompasses the stages of a breakup with a jazz-pop undertone. Delilah proves that while a breakup can be sad it can also be freeing and lead one to discover a sense of self.

When asked about the EP, Delilah states, “takes you through the real-life journey of my breakup. It goes from heartbreak, to realisations, to empowerment. It has a song for pretty much any mood – whether you wanna listen and cry, dance or feel like a bad bitch. This EP means a lot to me as it is all completely honest and how I was feeling at the time of writing each song, and I hope it can speak to and help others who are going through a breakup too. Other than having written this project for cathartic reasons, I really hope that someone can relate to the songs, feel less alone and that they help people. The writing and production for the EP came so naturally. We knew exactly what we wanted to write about as it was simply how I was feeling that day. All the songs were written within one month of the breakup and fully produced throughout the year. It was the first time my producer (Stephen Barnes) and I found musicians to write with and also play on the tracks. We wrote two of the five songs (‘Breakup Season’ and ‘Thank You’) with Samm Henshaw which also felt like a very natural fit.”

Listen to ‘Its Not Me, Its You” here.

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