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Jeremy Zucker’s new album ‘love is not dying’ compels



Jeremy Zucker’s new album ‘love is not dying’ was released to all major streaming platforms this past Friday. Zucker grew up in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey where he spent a majority of his teen years making music in his bedroom. Eventually Zucker went on to graduate from Colorado College studying molecular biology and pre med before gaining serious attention as a musician. His breakout song “Comethru” from his 2018 EP illustrates his experience of moving back home after college and what it was like to live in his childhood home as an adult.

At the moment, Jeremy Zucker is signed to Republic Records in LA. He describes his music as, “a fusion of organic airy beats, lush soundtrack-style soundscapes, and biting tumblr-worthy lyricism”. The lead single off of ‘love is not dying’ was released in July 2019 with the title “Oh Mexico” followed by the track “Always, I’ll Care” that released a corresponding music video on the same day. As his first debut album as an artist, the craftsmanship he has built throughout his long discography of EP’s is apparent. Zucker’s lyrics often lead to a place of lyrical candor that can feel as if you are observing him in his most personal environment. The pop styling is dreamily romantic with echoing vocals and soft guitar melodies on tracks such as “full stop” without lacking the intensity and escapism that his music generally appeals too. This album is certainly crafted for any hopeless romantics that may be looking for something new to stumble across in the upcoming weeks.

To listen to Jeremy Zucker’s new album, check out the Spotify link below.


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