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LOWBORN discuss band creativity amid pandemic



The indie band LOWBORN are quarantined but nevertheless continue to create. Recently, the band has released the new single “Bad For Me” which was accompanied by a home video discussing how they made the song. The Greensboro, North Carolina natives talked to Nü Sound about how the band continues to function throughout the pandemic and what fans should anticipate from LOWBORN in the upcoming months.
lowborn bad for me
Your first single “Crazy” was released in 2017. How do you think your band and personal working dynamics have changed throughout releasing more music?

Being completely DIY and self-funded, it feels like we’ve been climbing a huge mountain this whole time. Climbing and pushing and every once in a while we come to a clearing and take in the view, but it doesn’t last long. There are so many questions, so much to figure out, and so many moving parts to being a modern musician and there definitely is no guide book. But while it’s been challenging, it’s been rewarding and fun and we’ve learned a lot. Specifically we’ve learned that everyone in the band can bring value to their “department” in the group. Every part is important to keep climbing up.

What accomplishment of 2020 have you been the most proud of?

There have been a lot of small victories so far this year, but honestly I’m just really proud that we’re pushing through the COVID funk. It’s easy to luck tail and feel defeated when you don’t have the financial backing of the mega artists, but we’re learning and figuring it out and will come out as a stronger, tighter band in the end.
Are you quarantining together as a band? Has the artistic process of making music changed in the past month? 

Kind of, we all live super close (some of us walking distance) and so we still see each other out of necessity to my day job. (studio work) BUT we’ve actually been writing a ton, I think 4/5 brand new songs that I’m so excited about. Can’t wait to let them spill out over the next year or so.

How has performing online differed from onstage? As a rock band, do you feel like it is more intimate than you are used to or more challenging because of the lack of energy? 

It’s so different. We definitely feed from the energy on stage as most musicians do, so having more laid back acoustic live streams is kinda strange. Especially because our songs have a lot of production. Stripping them down to acoustic versions is partly fun but partly weird because it’s so different from the original (in most cases).

What show were you the most disappointed to have to postpone?

We were gearing up for a killer hometown show right before the shutdown went into effect, so that was a bummer to have to postpone.

What is a personal item you can’t go on tour without? 

I’ll admit I’m a bit bougie (William here) and can’t go without my daily personal care. I don’t care if I have to do it in a Waffle House bathroom, but I gotta whip out my toiletries and get a face wash, toothbrush, deo, at least. Probably going to get a few sprays of a good clean scent in there while I’m at it. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to find a good cup of coffee these days, otherwise, that would definitely be my answer.(Wes) Coffee and a set of solid headphones for audio books or music and then some kind of way to be creative (laptop/acoustic/keyboard) just stuff to keep my brain active.

If you could only bring three albums to listen to on the road, which ones would they be?
Wes Picks
Louder Now (Taking Back Sunday)
PVRIS (Hallucinations EP)
The new Lennon Stella album is super dope too (it’s called Three. Two. One)

Finally, what are you most looking forward to after quarantine orders are lifted?
Seeing real people in real life!

Check out LOWBORN on Spotify and stream their new single “Bad For Me” now!

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