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LOWBORN dive into bad behavior with upcoming single “Bad For Me”



This Friday, LOWBORN will drop their new single “Bad For Me.

The new single finds the band venturing slightly from their alt-rock sound. Instead, “Bad For Me” utilizes heavy pop-synth beats that pair with vocalist Wes Lauterbach’s vocals to create a haunting and explosive sound that exemplifies the bad behavior the song sings of.

“‘Bad For Me’ is about being afraid of change, maybe because you’re more comfortable being stuck in a shitty situation or maybe you’re afraid of getting help,” said Lauterbach. “Maybe it’s easier to keep drinking and stay fucked up at parties, even though you know that lifestyle is bad for you. We want everyone to remember that it’s okay to be afraid of change and it’s okay to ask for help.”

Want a preview? The band went live on Facebook a few weeks ago to take fans behind the scenes about the making of the track.


Posted by LOWBORN on Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Pre-save “Bad For Me” here.

The band is currently offering a merch-pack giveaway:

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To enter, pre-save the track, enter your email, and share a screenshot of the proof on their Facebook page.

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