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Malcolm Chester: “during certain times it feels like nobody is there and the whole uptown belongs to you.”



How long have you been a resident of the Charlotte area? If not originally from here where did you come from?
I’ve been a resident since 2013, but I’m originally from Fayetteville, NC.
(Photo credits: Lee Chapman)
(Photo credits: Lee Chapman)

What are some of your favorite hidden gems around the Charlotte area?

I really just like all of NODA, walking around uptown is cool too because Charlotte is a “city” but during certain times it feels like nobody is there and the whole uptown belongs to you.
What got you into Music? and what keeps you wanting to do it?
The golden age of Hip-Hop got me into music, once I started writing it I realized how therapeutic it is. Then the art of composing words that played with language kept me into it. I’m currently really interested in the science of what makes certain sounds more pleasing to the ear than others.

What are some of your other hobbies besides music?
Drawing, playing video games, playing basketball, and watching anime.
What is your go to karaoke song?
Controooollaaaaa, controlla.
Who are some of your influences? Music or otherwise?
Most of my influences come from my conscious reaction to things that heron in life.
Which Spice Girl is your favorite?
I don’t know, my girlfriend won’t let me answer that question. 
What is one of your favorite songs you have written and why?
I don’t know if this is arrogant or not but I feel like if every song you make isn’t your favorite song for its own reasons then it is incomplete.
What was the first concert you attended?
J. Cole’s Forest hills tour concert in Virginia.
Describe yourself in three words.
Artistic, Curious, Ambitious.
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