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Maria Brink channels “strawberry moon” energy for BLM



Maria Brink, vocalist for gothic metal band In This Moment has called upon her fellow spiritual community. With the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement spurned by the inhumane death of George Floyd, the front woman has decided to fuse her support with her outspoken beliefs.

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On June 5th, a Strawberry Lunar Eclipse will occur which is a full phased super moon passing into Earth’s outer shadow that projects a deep, rich color. June’s full moon is called the “strawberry moon” due to the fact that it would signal to the Algonquin tribes of Northeastern America that it was time to gather the ripening strawberries and continues to coincide with strawberry picking season for farmers throughout America.

Brink understands that the spiritual effects of this moon can support the effort being exuded by protesters for BLM. Senior astronomer Narayana Montúfar says “This full moon lunar eclipse will be forming an angry square with warrior planet Mars, bringing simmering anger and emotional pain to the surface.” The energy that is given off from this moon ignites the passion within an individual and can aid future goals, increasing positive change.

Anger, emotional pain and positive change are all matters becoming increasingly important within the fight for justice among the Black community. With this extra boost of stimulated energy from the strawberry moon, some individuals may experience a heightened determination and spiritual guidance that can increase willingness to take risks. This can provide people the extra push they need in achieving their desires.

In taking full advantage of this heightened state, Brink wants witches, shamans, and all other spiritualists to focus the energy on the Black Lives Matter movement. “We call everybody to focus your intent, do spellwork, light a candle, do what you find necessary to send protection, do healing, and bring justice to injustice everywhere” Brink exclaims.

See the post on Maria Brink’s Twitter.

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