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Mat Kearney’s new music video for “Grand Canyon” is out now



In his video, Mat Kearney stars as the character “Tex Armstrong,” a cowboy-turned- struggling golfer and devoted husband all-in-one. Kearney enlists Nashville’s finest: Ben Rector, Dave Barnes, and his own lovely wife Annie Kearney to tell the story of Tex Armstrong artfully and with heaps of humor. 

Kearney is well aware of the funniness behind his video, but he doesn’t forget to draw on the issue he deems most important: voting in the presidential election. Kearney states that his own character “Tex, would want everybody to vote,” and urges his audience to “be a part of the change you want to see.”

Be sure to check out “Grand Canyon” directed by Sam Boyette

Stream the track here.

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