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Maya Delilah shows her talent in new single “Thank You”



One of Britain’s finest, Maya Delilah, releases her newest single, “Thank You”. This single has received rave reviews including my own. With over 5 million streams on Spotify just a few days after the release, Delilah proves to be a fan favorite. “Thank You” showcases the rare 6/8 time signature with the incorporation of a gospel sound. Delilah is a force to be reckoned with.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Thank You”, Delilah says, Thank You is a sincere goodbye song written ‘to my ex’ as the final chapter to this EP as it is the journey of my breakup. The main line of the song is “Thank you for being the worst thing that’s happened to me”. I wrote it with the meaning of basically “thank you for being so awful, it made losing you easier, with no doubts that I am better off”. But the aim of the song is to be more sincere than blunt. The song, later on, is about feeling more free, like I can almost ‘breathe again’. The song is very gospel-inspired with a 6/8 time signature. It’s meant to feel like the big emotional outro of a live show.”

Listen to “Thank You” here.

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