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MAYVE share smooth new single “Slide”



Indie pop rock band MAYVE continue their 3 single series with the release of “Slide.” The new track comes a few months after their first single release of 2019, “Head High.” That song went on to garner some praise from a variety of media outlets, including Alternative Press. And with the release of “Slide,” MAYVE are further staking a claim as being a band that deserves  your attention.

Leading up to this year, MAYVE have already been steadily rolling out new material. They’ve dropped two EPs and an additional standalone single, all of which has led to their three single series this year. “Head High” kicked things off with a busier, yet still calmly smooth and cool soundscape. “Slide” jumps right back into that sound, but strips things down to an even more slinky and evocative style. Yet despite its low-key nature, there’s still unmistakable groove throughout the song, and ample reason for replaying it across this midpoint of summer.

Speaking about the track, MAYVE say:

“Koinophobia – the fear of living an ordinary life. “Slide” follows the tempo of a mind left to wander. One that slips into a downward spiral and denies the tangibility of our most ineffable moments.”

Taking all that into consideration, dive into “Slide” below and allow your mind to get lost in the winding patterns of electronic bliss.


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