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McClenney and Baby Rose drop “Karma Plays”



McClenney and Baby Rose, two artists with sounds entrenched within soulful r&b feelings, have collaborated together to share with us their new song, “Karma Plays.” The release of “Karma Plays” comes following another single release of McClenney’s, “just stay,” that came out this past April and Baby Rose’s new album To Myself that came out this past March. 

The mixture of both these artists’ rich and flavorful voices has come to create this silky smooth track that sounds almost distant, but simultaneously is engaging enough to keep you present. The slow beats, the steady transitions, and that stunning keyboard that brings the song to its cohesive finish are enough to bring your fingers up to your mouth and do a chef’s kiss

“‘Karma Plays’ started as a poem about insomnia more than a year ago and ended up a song about change and karmic choices,” McClenney says. “I finished most of it in 2019, but just had this deep feeling it wasn’t the right time and the message wouldn’t be felt right. Something told me to wait a little longer and let it evolve. 2020 hit us and I knew that was the right call.”

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