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Meet Dark Station, faces of the new rock era



Dark Station is an incredibly diverse rock group paving their way into the music scene. Heavy instrumentalism laced with melodic progressions and poetic lyrics leave this band with a new flavor that is undeniably fresh. Having released their debut album Down in the Dark in October of 2019, Dark Station has proved to be a musical force with songs such as “Heroes” and “Ryse” (make sure to check out out the lyric video) and they will not seem to be slowing down in their quest to aid the revival of the rock world.

We got the chance to speak with the up-and-coming group to better understand what is driving Dark Station toward the revival of rock and how they are doing it so well.

*Questions answered by Kyle Ort, Guitarist for Dark Station.

As you all came from your own respective projects to form Dark Station, what new directions or opportunities are you taking advantage of in this group that you did not have before?

Personally, I have only played in other people’s bands for the past 8 years or so. I wanted to start a band where I had more control over how we sound, what we look like, what we’re about, etc. That’s what Dark Station is. This is the first band that our singer Nathan has had as much creative control as he wants as well. We bounce ideas off of each other all the time, but we also trust each other to make good decisions on our own, whether it be creatively or businesswise. When playing in someone else’s band, you don’t always have a vote in these things. So we started Dark Station.

How would you describe the music that you are creating? Is there an overall message you are trying to send with such poetic lyrics as in “Ryse” and “Heroes”?

There are an infinite number of genres out there, but we just call ourselves hard rock. We like the heavy guitar riffs in most of our songs, along with Nathan’s emotional, haunting melodies and lyrics. Every song has a unique meaning behind it. “Ryse” is about standing up for what you believe in, even in the face of adversity. “Heroes” was inspired by the death of Chester Bennington as he was a main influence for Nathan. It also refers to the way the media sensationalizes events at the detriment of society.

Who have been your musical inspirations in the creation of your sound?

My inspiration for the guitar riffs are usually from down tuned sludgy bands like Down, Crowbar, Alice in Chains, Deftones, and Breaking Benjamin. Nathan gets a lot of his lyrical inspiration from Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, and Bring Me the Horizon. I’m sure you could hear all of these influences when listening to our album.

What are each of your favorite songs from Down in the Dark and why? (the whole album is amazing, by the way!)

Thank you for listening! It’s hard for me to pick because I love them all too, but I would have to go with Heroes. I believe it was the second song that we wrote. The first didn’t make the record, so Heroes kind of got the whole project off the ground. Once we wrote the music and Nathan laid down his vocals, we felt like we had something special. We didn’t really have a plan when we started this band. Nathan and I have different influences so we weren’t sure how we would sound or if it would work out at all. By the time we wrote Heroes, we knew we could be a real band.

 In what ways do you feel Dark Station is bringing a new edge to the rock scene?

We definitely take influence from late 90’s and early 00’s rock music, because that’s the music we grew up with, and not a lot of bands sound like that anymore. That’s the classic part of our sound. The new edge I believe mostly comes from Nathan. He listens to a lot of pop and rap music that is more contemporary. A lot of his melodies and lyrics are influenced by these types of artists. I’m using an octave pedal on some of the songs to give us a fat guitar sound that has become popular with a few of the new rock bands over the past couple years.

Can you explain to us where your love of music came from and how it is driving the group?

I have always been attracted to the power of music. I remember my dad taking me to my first concert, AC/DC in Indianapolis. I was probably around 12 years old so it was a pretty pivotal moment for me. It was amazing seeing thousands of people just going nuts and having fun because of the 5 guys on stage playing music. From then on, I wanted to be one of those 5 guys. That was 23 years ago, so I guess the drive is still there!

The internet has dramatically impacted the modern music scene. How are you guys taking advantage of the digital landscape? Do you have a visual aesthetic you are adhering to?

Visually, we’re trying to keep everything cohesive for this album cycle. I’m sure we’ll change things up slightly as the music evolves. As far as utilizing the internet, we constantly use it to our advantage. We have our music videos running as ads all the time on Instagram and Facebook. That’s how we’ve built our fan base so far, since we’re not able to play shows or tour at the moment. It works out great because we are gaining fans 24/7 without having to leave our home. Nothing replaces the live show, but this is the best we can do for now.

How are you navigating the current situation of social distancing with your craft? Is the group continuing to create new content remotely?

We still go into the studio and write. There are only a few of us in there at a time so we’re being as safe as we can. Without being able to play live, we have to stay busy somehow. I think we have around 10 songs that we’re working on right now for the follow up to “Down in the Dark.” We’re also working on some acoustic versions of our songs as well.

 Lastly, what do you want to say to the Dark Nation and what can they expect from you guys in the future?

We’re working on new music which will be released before the end of the year. We’re also getting the live show together for whenever we can play again. As soon as we get the green light we’re going to tour as much as possible. Thanks to everyone in the Dark Nation for your support. We’ll see you soon!

Stream Down in the Dark here.

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Kira Proctor is a recent UCLA Communications graduate with a passion for music and live events. In yearning for creative expressions, she has seen over 100 bands live, hosted her own radio show, and worked with companies such as Girlie Action Media, TEDx, and GeekRockTV in PR, Marketing, and Journalism. Kira lives her life searching for the next piece of entertainment that she can help develop.

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