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Meet Jet Jaguar: A thrilling new rock n’ roll band built from the lore of Godzilla



Thor’s hammer doesn’t hit as hard as Jet Jaguar coming out of the gate with upcoming debut single “Anvil”.

Jet Jaguar is a New Jersey based rock band about to be known for intense, driving and lightning-like tunes, with every track made for a pure rock n’ roll party. With heart-smashing lyrics, tasteful bass-lines, ripping guitars and technical drumming, their collaborative performance will leave you with the feeling of heightened emotion, power, and sincere tension. Announced just last week, Jet Jaguar is made up of Pete Zengerle (vocals/guitar – previously of Hang Tight), Chris Hetz (vocals/bass), Nicky Fechtmuller (lead guitar) and Pete Benigno (drums). In just a week the band have announced shows and a festival performance, secured a PR agent and signed on for a brand new partnership with European Growing Roots Agency.

If the band name sounds a bit familiar, there’s a reason. “Jet Jaguar is a ridiculous character from an original Godzilla movie. The whole movie is full of shooting laser beams, over the top mile long flying kicks, and terrible English overdubs. Jet Jaguar is Godzilla’s side kick in this movie, he’s literally a giant robot that high fives a giant lizard, I don’t know anything more rock n roll than that.” said Zengerle. Creating a new band from scratch after Pete Zengerle’s previous venture Hang Tight (Standby Records) came easy once all four members sat down to brainstorm. “We almost named the band Lover but Taylor Swift came out with an album called lover so that kinda ruined it for us. Another name in the running was King Wing, which was a chicken place we love to go after recording sessions but we decided we didn’t want to be named after a chicken place” laughs Zengerle.

What makes Jet Jaguar stand out from any old rock band is the collaborative effort these four members are determined to hold close. The band has a flow from each member to the next, an understanding that allowed them to write 10 rough songs within the first two times of meeting. ”

“I’m [Pete] a producer so I engineer all our music, Nicky is photographer so he shoots all our photos, Chris is a barber so he cuts all our hair, and Pete Benigno is the most talented drummer any of us have ever jammed with, so he pushes us and expands our ideas when trying to write.”

Zengerle attributes much of the rock n’ roll attitude to Nicky Fechtmuller, but holds his own influences from classic rock as well. “Our guitarist Nicky really sealed the deal with being a rock band. A lot of our aura as a band comes from him. Most of his influences are rock bands and glam rock bands, we all love that music, but Nicky IS that music. If we compare ourselves to any other bands I would say we fall somewhere in between Foo Fighters and My Chemical Romance, and maybe a touch of ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ by Thin Lizzy.” Each Jet Jaguar member started young, as they were thrown into music by their parents, who all happened to love classic rock. From Zengerle’s dad blasting Mötorhead in the garage while he built him a skateboard ramp to Nicky Fechtmuller’s dad playing classic rock on his guitar, rock n’ roll is an unavoidable inspiration for Jet Jaguar. “I remember always reaching for the car radio to find the classic rock station, I loved everything about rock music, it’s loud, fun, I was intrigued.” says Chris Hetz. ”

“We’re all super appreciative that we found each other, we just want to write rock music and tour the world and nothing is going to stop us.”

Upcoming shows:

11/1 – Blind Path Fest – Chapel Hill, NC

11/2 – Yellow House – Richmond, VA



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