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Michigander shares new song “OK,” announces third EP



Featured Image by Kris Herman

Rising indie rock star and Michigan native Michigander (aka Jason Singer) has released his new single “OK” and announced his third EP. The new EP titled Everything Will Be OK Eventually will be released March 19th via C3 Records.

“I started off 2020 in the studio working on new songs, so excited for everything I had planned for the year,” shared Singer about the new EP. “A week after playing an event for Bernie Sanders in early March, everything shut down. Everything was put on pause. At first, I wasn’t very concerned, but as the weeks, then months, went on, all my plans started to fall apart. It was very hard to not be discouraged every day. But I just kept telling myself (and my friends) that ‘everything will be ok eventually’. That phrase kept me going then and still does now. Working on these songs for the entire year has been the highlight of a very dark time for me. I’ve never been prouder of something that I’ve made and I am extremely excited (and impatient) to share this new collection of songs that mean so much to me. Things still might not be great right now, but everything will be ok eventually.”

Everything Will Be OK Eventually Artwork and Tracklist

  1. Better
  2. Let Down
  3. Saturday
  4. Headlights
  5. OK
  6. Together

About the new single “OK” Singer said, “Too often, whenever I was alone or feeling lonely, I would think it was a negative thing. But during last year, when there was an excessive amount of time on my own, I realized that being alone sometimes is a totally normal thing. Sometimes, it’s easier to think clearer when you’re on your own. I think a lot of people feel like something is missing if they aren’t constantly surrounded by people. I’m just trying to normalize the alone time.”

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