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Mikayla Gilles produces her first single “Away”



After airing on the show Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid, Mikayla Gilles is ready to add singer/songwriter to her ever-expanding resumé.

In light of this year’s events, Gilles became inspired to not only write her own song but record, produce and create a music video for it as well.

While experiencing the covid lockdown in Chicago, Gilles taught herself how to record and produce using a production software called Logic. Gilles explains what the learning process was like for her:

“It forced me to grow this thick skin I didn’t even know I had and it has only made me fall that much more in love with being an artist, a creative force, a leader, a believer and a boss. I want this for life.”

Check out the music video here:

“Away” showcases her strong vocals with simple piano backing her up. Stream it on her platforms here.

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