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Motive Black share new video “Broken”



L.A.-based hard-rock/alt-metal outfit Motive Black have unveiled the music video for their new single “Broken, which will be officially released March 20th.

Vocalist Elana Justin explained the origins of the track, “I had just moved to LA after a rough few years in New York. I had built up emotional armor, to protect myself. I was proud of being cold, and comfortable with feeling numb. Then I met someone new and everything changed… I feared I was becoming weak again, and it made me angry and combative. I fought against it, but eventually the positive new feelings became addicting, because I felt like I was waking up and being my confident self again”.

She continued, “I didn’t want to be exposed, I felt like I was going crazy… I wanted this to work so much, but I was also petrified of having it.  It was conflicting – terrible and amazing at the same time. Ultimately “Broken” is about the fight I had internally that allowed me to break down the walls I’d built up around my heart for protection. By being willing to take a chance and open myself up again, I came back to being myself.”

Check it out:

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