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Musicians celebrate Earth Day



Kacey Musgraves’s Grammy winning album ‘Golden Hour’ features many tracks that discuss the natural beauty of the Earth such as “Love is a Wild Thing,” “Butterflies” and “Rainbow.” The album was considered a smashing success between the collision of psychedelic pop and country music genres.

Yesterday Kacey Musgraves released an alternative recording of the song “Oh, What a World” in honor of Earth Day.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

With most American citizens choosing to socially distance themselves, the Earth and environmental issues have been a constant thought for me, and I know many other as well. Nature especially serves as inspiration for so many artists to create the music they do.

Annecy, France

Musgraves turned to Instagram in her release statement to say “The Earth is healing. Bluer skies hang over China and Los Angeles. Clearer water and a positive effect on wildlife is being seen” she reassures. “In the midst of of all the loss and uncertainty there are signs everywhere of human compassion and renewal.”

Stevenson, Washington

This Earth Day, celebrities of all kinds fled to social media platforms to reflect on their connection to nature in the times of COVID-19. Any onlooker can observe that artists have all utilized their time in quarantine differently. Some like Hozier have spent many hours live-streaming for fans while artists like Kacey Musgraves have spent their time working on new projects to release. There is a great possibility that the time artists have spent separate from nature could inspire albums with themes  nostalgic of the outdoors.

Kimberly, OR

While these times are certainly scary and can feel unsure at times, the Earth appears to be benefitting from humans staying in their homes for a few weeks. And we as listeners may get to listen to our favorite artist’s quarantine album in a year. There is a lot of harm going around at the moment and while Earth Day this year may have been celebrated on a walk to the end of the driveway instead of a hike with friends, it feels nice to have something to celebrate.

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