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My Life as Ali Thomas present their sophomore album ‘Peppermint Town’ with an inside look into each track



Images by My Life as Ali Thomas

Drawing inspiration from Thailand, My Life as Ali Thomas, aims to create free-flowing expressions of artistry while pushing the usual sonic barriers found across genres today. They tie in hints of classical, modern, folk, and indie instrumentals to truly stand out among their class. They look at the release of their sophomore album Peppermint Town as a “second shot at making an album”. This is an interesting viewpoint as many artists aim to claim fame with a debut or even sophomore album, but My Life as Ali Thomas aims to create an artistically sound masterpiece.

The following is a synopsis of each song from ‘Peppermint Town’ with descriptors and personal quotes provided by the band themselves.

Images by My Life as Ali Thomas

“One Way Ticket”

“One Way Ticket was supposed to be a full 3-minute song, but we couldn’t add anything else to it because it felt complete, so we left it at that as a one-minute track.” As a prelude to the rest of the album, this track readies the listener to enter the mindset that My Life as Ali Thomas intends through their music. For this play, in particular, the ideal feeling is a dream sensation.

“Baby, I love you”

“I cried after the first day of vocal recording. I couldn’t do it lol.” “Baby, I Love You” is an eye-opener to the listener. My Life as Ali Thomas uses this track to be vulnerable to their audience. The overall message of the song is to bring to life the feeling of thankfulness as it comes with knowing that a person has positively impacted your life. The statement of love is difficult to put into words, so why not create a beautiful song that says it all.

“My red golden sun”

After the final mix, we decided to add a baritone acoustic guitar, so we did, and then had to remix the track all over again. This song aims to bring a sense of familiarity to listeners who have been by the bands’ side since the very beginning. The interesting and unique sound that “My Red Golden Sun” emanates is that of a folksy campfire song. This branches out a hand to the listener as they feel more connected to the artist as if they are simply hanging out on a fall night around the fire. These sounds are what make My Life as Ali Thomas so special. They aim to create music that is not considered mainstream but remains true to them.

“Luna blue”

“We used most of the tracks from the demo, sometimes you can’t repeat the weirdness.” This song was created as a tribute to another, specifically, “Blue Moon” by Coleman Hawkins. The listener may even hear hints of familiarity when it comes to the lyrics. My Life as Ali Thomas creates their own personal anecdote letter to the moon in this track. As many legends have sung Hawkins’ tribute to the moon, only this band has created their own ties to the blue moon.


“Most of the guitar riffs on the track were recorded on the spot.” While the song title itself has no meaning at all, the lyrics carry an important message. This song was made as a form of empowerment for those who listen. The band states this track is intended to challenge the ever-growing list of restrictions that society seems to place on us. Many people can relate to a feeling of the world weighing you down. One listen of this song and your spirits are sure to be uplifted in a way that empowers you to take back the restrictions and be free to live the life you want to live.

“Pitch black”

“Our producer’s favourite track to mix.” As with other tracks on this album, My Life as Ali Thomas tends to create an alt-rock sound mixed with folk undertones. This sound differentiation automatically puts My Life as Ali Thomas stand out among songs that do not have such defining features. This song is another vulnerable track that allows the listener to truly tune in to their own vulnerability when it comes to homesickness. No one has ever not had a moment in time where they do not miss their home. Whether you moved away, are traveling for a job, or simply want to reminisce down memory lane, we have all felt a sense of missing home. This song captures that emotion while on a journey to discover the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Dream lover”

“First song on the album to finish mixing.” This song is sure to transport you to another era. With hints of easy-going guitars and soft instrumentals, “Dream Lover” allows the listener to truly find that dream-like escape. The band explains the scene they immediately picture as someone plays this song: “with lights down low, that furry rug, laying on an orange couch that gives off a whiff of cigar smoke”. I do not think I could have explained it better. This song radiates low-energy but not in a dull way. As you listen you will set off into a dream as the band intends while you think of that special person.

Images by My Life as Ali Thomas

“Dear all the universe”

“Last song to write on the album.” This track is intended to bring the nostalgia of childhood. While we may not all have listened to vinyl records, cassette tapes, or even CDs we all have that one thing that defined our childhood. This song is a tribute to all those that it took to get you through childhood and onto your success as an adult. We all know that it takes a village to raise a child. This song is a love song to friends and family who make us who we are.

“Tears of a clown”

“Piano, guitar, and drums were recorded live in mono.” This is a story song. Many writers make songs about real-life experiences. Along with the folksy genre that My Life as Ali Thomas commonly aims for comes folk story songs. The story of “Tears of a Clown” is exactly as it sounds. The band itself states that this song is the story of a crying clown stuck behind its permanently painted-on happy face. In this song, the clown finally gets the urge to show her true feelings despite the façade that she normally puts on.


“90% of Ocean process was looking for old demo tracks, scattered in three computers and many many hard drives.” This song is a use of imagery within the lyrics that the band sings. They truly capture the ocean as they emanate the pulsing of the waves and them crashing on the shore. Once again, My Life as Ali Thomas challenges their usual sound as they combine classical instrumentation with modern sounds. They aimed to create a song with layers which is exactly what they have done not only with “Ocean” but throughout their entire album.

Listen to ‘Peppermint Town’ here.

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