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You Need to Hear Chicago Emo/Grunge Skylines From Chicago



Following their first EP Where We Think We Are, What’s Left of Home is Skylines’ second, swirly release under Wilhelm Records and is the band’s proudest package. 

Sam Sanetra (vocals) on What’s Left of Home:
“What’s Left of Home feels different, and sounds different from anything Skylines has come up with. I remember when I sat down with Phil and Steve to write, and I remember sitting down alone to write the lyrics. It felt surreal. It was the first time we got the master version of the songs back and I said, “there’s no way that’s us. There’s no way we actually sound like that.” And that’s the best part. It really IS us. We’ve climbed our mountain inch by inch and we finally made something out of it. Skylines really wanted to put out authentic, emotional, and energetic music this time around. My personal favorite track is “Disposition” and I’m dying for everyone to finally hear it.”
Pre-order the EP here and follow them on socials!
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