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Why You Need to See Thrice and Circa Survive on Tour




Anyone even mildly interested in the broad rock music genre has heard the steady success California’s Thrice has brought in since first studio album Identity Crisis, or widely known album of 2003 Artist in the Ambulance. To remain an inspirational staple for almost 20 years in a constantly changing genre is a feat rarely accomplished by post-hardcore bands. Returning from a hiatus, most recent album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere delivers a refined sound, produced by maturity. From this comes single “Black Honey”, which Thrice performed near the end of their well-crafted set. With lights emerging behind Dustin Kensrue to re-create the shrine many fans have built around the group, Thrice sent Kensrue’s throaty vocals and ripping shouts through the Fillmore in Charlotte. Unsurprisingly, “Artist in the Ambulance” had the entire venue shaking, followed by hits “Firebreather”, “Broken Lungs” and ending with emotional “The Long Defeat”. The entire room had the expression of pure awe, after witnessing what many would proclaim was their ultimate favorite band.


photo by Jared Allen

Following a solid set, Anthony Green-led Circa Survive burst on stage to excited screams from an audience who hold all of his projects close to their hearts, with “Child of a Desert”. The band does not rely on fancy outfits or insane pyro-technics, only Green’s deeply expressive vocal shouts, short screams and crowd vocals. The energy throughout the venue pulled from levels of passion deep within the soul of each person attending, from “Glass Arrows” to “The Difference Between Poison and Medicine is the Dose”. Ending in “Get Out”, Green did not fail to bring all of his favorite inspirations to life through the faces he made throughout the show.

anthony green

photo by Jared Allen

Sometimes tours consist of weird pairings, or bring out crowds that don’t work well with one another, but this tour is a beautiful concoction of two bands who have brought real struggles to life for many fans to create a beautiful place where they could all be forgotten. There’s still a few dates left, so don’t miss out and buy tickets here.


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