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New EP “Let Go Of Your Love” from post-hardcore Thousand Below



Post-hardcore “slamdown” band Thousand Below have dropped a stripped-down EP Let Go Of Your Love, a creation resulting from the 2020 quarantine.



The Thousand Below EP features acoustic and reworked versions of four songs from their sophomore album, 2019’s Gone In Your Wake, along with a brand new, emotive song, via Rise Records.


“We had the idea to do an acoustic/remix EP for a while, and with everyone stuck in lockdown, it seemed like the perfect time to do it,” the band shared upon announcing the EP. “We all recorded our parts at home in San Diego. We liked the idea of doing a couple songs that were just acoustic guitar and singing, and a couple that were fully electronic to explore that side of the sound we added on Gone In Your Wake.”


“When we wrote the original version of ‘chemical,’ it was one of the first songs we built from scratch with electronic instruments and production instead of coming up with guitar parts and adding the production after,” says bassist Josh Billimoria. “This version takes that idea even farther and strips out all the guitars completely. I spent the first few weeks of quarantine just messing around with sounds and trying to put a new spin on the song but still keep the same vibe.”

He finishes, “We got our good friend Sumner Peterson from the band Dead Lakes to sing on the bridge since we absolutely love his voice and the emotion he brings to every track. He even wrote a totally new part for the bridge that takes the song to a whole new level.”


“let go of your love”
“chemical” (Featuring Sumner Peterson of Dead Lakes)
“alone (out of my head)”
“171 xo”
“lost between”



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