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New Era Music Fest Spotlight: LaLa Specific



Dont forget to catch the New Era Music Fest on Saturday, April 21 from 12pm-1am at The New Era Music House. For more information on the Fest click here.

Introduce yourself a little bit and tell us about what you have been up to lately with new music? New videos?

I’m Lala Specific…emcee, educator and philanthropist. “When Lala Specific Speaks, You Listen!”  I am working on a new album. Has been 3 years almost since my last Hip-Hop Album. No dates, I just drop. I have a video for my cover of J.Cole’s Neighbors call “Hill’s Protege”

Who were some of your influences growing up?

Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, My Mother

What or who got you started in music?

My mother was a singer in church and from that I became a musician in the church; playing the drum set, keyboard, lead guitar then bass guitar. I was also in the band and played the flute and percussion throughout middle and high school. I conjured a liking for poetry and began writing in 2000. I bought Fl Studios in 2003 and started producing beats. I continued being a musician and producer until I was challenged to rap in 2011. Hense, the birth of Lala Specific.

How excited are you for the first ever New Era Music Fest? What does something this big of a scale mean to you?

I can’t wait for it! It’s been a long time coming and there will be so much talent. So many of my favorites will be in the building and some of my hometown (919) peoples will be traveling to perform too. So, I am ready! Mass gatherings are essential to cultures when it comes to preservation. This event will help preserve the culture.

What kind of  plans do you have for the back half of 2018? Tours or new albums, etc?

To be honest, I have no plans. I’m going with the flow. I plan to do more community work using Hip-Hop by starting back up my charitable concerts and putting out my new album. Performances are always coming in.

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