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New Era Music Fest Spotlight: Matrix P



Introduce yourself a little bit and tell us about what you have been up to lately with new music? New videos?

My Name is Matrix P aka Pastor Mason Jar, I am a Rapper/Singer from Belmont,NC (a small town right outside of Charlotte).My music is called Kuntry Hippy Rap, which is a mixture of Southern Based instrumentation and content mixed with a funky or maybe even Gospel style mix.  I have a couple of up and coming things I am working on for the future that does not really have to do with music but does.

 Who were some of your influences growing up?

Growing up some of my influences were Outkast, Nappy Roots, Project Pat, Koopsta nicca, Gangster Boo …36 mafia period, but Andre 3k influences me the most because of his broad style of music but its all still so southern.

What or who got you started in music?

I come from a musical family they are always on my albums in some form but my uncle got me started doing music. He is a Gospel artist and he use to let us play around in his studio in High School, my cousins and I recorded a 18 song mixtape in one night (staying up to 7 am) and sold it at our high school.

How excited are you for the first ever New Era Music Fest? What does something this big of a scale mean to you?

I am excited to see all the other artist perform in this festival because I am just a fan of music at the end of the day and I draw influence from everyone’s music. I really anxious to see the turn out because this is something that the city really needs, something to call our own.

What kind of  plans do you have for the back half of 2018? Tours or new albums, etc?

I have an album coming MAY 1st on all music distribution sites such as iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, etc. Tizzy and a couple of us are working on a few dope things, but for the most part  I am just trying to create content that will catch the attention of the city because I still have a loooooot to prove.

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