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New Era Music Fest Spotlight: Phaze Gawd



Dont forget to catch the New Era Music Fest on Saturday, April 21 from 12pm-1am at The New Era Music House. For more information on the Fest click here.

Introduce yourself a little bit and tell us about what you have been up to lately with new music? New videos?

I’m Phaze Gawd Born and raised in Charlotte, NC.  I’ve very been busy lately! I just dropped my latest JOINT EP “DARK DREAMS with my DJ/Producer/Best Friend A Man With Antlers (AMWA). We just got featured in Creative Loafing and have been working on new Up coming visuals courtesy of Barry Espy of Espy Productions.

Who were some of your influences growing up?

Growing up my influences were a lot of guys like DMX, JAY Z , Lil Wayne and Dipset. People who imbued lyricism as well as incredible stage presence and energy.

What or who got you started in music?

The first person to introduce me to music was my father. Pops is super multi-talented individual who plays an array of instruments as well as sings in multiple award winning bands. He always played music as I was growing up which created the base for me being able to appreciate and eventually creating my own music!

How excited are you for the first ever New Era Music Fest? What does something this big of a scale mean to you?

I’m ecstatic for the New Era Music Fest. Shout out to Tizzy Farragami of Th3 Higher; because this is exactly what we as local artist need in order to push our scene. Instead of waiting for someone to come along to put us on a Festival why not just create our own and put ourselves on?! We want to break that mentality of needing other people when in reality all you need is yourself and ambition.

What kind of  plans do you have for the back half of 2018? Tours or new albums, etc?

I’m flooding the world with content in 2018. I’ve been working with AMWA on multiple projects we plan to release this year each one of them having its own vibe and aesthetic. Also look to be performing way more in and outside of the city. Wether it be productions of my own (i.e Bars Bands and Brews, etc) or shows put on by others; the goal is to get in front of as many eyes as possible and spread this Phaze Gawd/Phazer Gang movement.

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