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New Era Music Fest Spotlight: Railz the Principle



Dont forget to catch the New Era Music Fest on Saturday, April 21 from 12pm-1am at The New Era Music House. For more information on the Fest click here.

NuSound: Introduce yourself a little bit and tell us about what you have been up to lately with new music? New videos? 

Railz: Long Island native by way of Charlotte Railz The Principle (27 yrs) steadily approaches 5 years making his rounds in the prominent Charlotte, NC underground music scene. Recently dropping his new concept video “Art to Heart” (featuring Himself, DJ. SPK, Eli The Elite, and local painter Candous) following up from his second full length project entitled “Does This Mic Make Me Look Fat”. Currently continuing to add to his resume leading up to the “New Era Hip Hop Festival” April 21st.

NuSound: Who were some of your influences growing up? 

Railz: Nas, Jay Z, Ceelo Green, Charles Hamilton, Saigon, Lenny Kravitz, Erykah Badu (Non Music) Dave Chappelle, Patrice O’Neal, Kobe Bryant

Nu Sound: What or who got you started in music?

Railz: Long story short Suffolk County Police (full story on video mentioned earlier in the interview)

Nu Sound: How excited are you for the first ever New Era Music Fest? What does something this big of a scale mean to you? 

Railz: Can’t tell you the level of excitement, the music fest is sooooo huge for the culture. Definitely on of our only chances to band together and make a statement to the entire city that we exist and we are all exceptionally dope and not just that but also professional and success driven. The level of execution is very high and we will strike that mark on April 21st.

Nu Sound: What kind of  plans do you have for the back half of 2018? Tours or new albums, etc? 

Railz: More content via my YouTube page with features from my fellow artist around the city and just build clout around my Brand. Open to travel for whoever will welcome us.

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