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Nü Music Friday: Weekly Roundup 5/7/21



The first new releases of May are here! Check out our picks for this Friday’s Weekly Roundup:

Modern Modern Life – “How Ya Been” single and visualizer

The London-based Modern Modern Life released “How Ya Been” this week, which is from his upcoming EP Hard Copy. This electro-house single was crafted by Frank Colucci, the producing wizard for Modern Modern Life. The upcoming EP will be released on June 3rd, and three out of the six tracks are already out!

TMG – “Daddy” single and music video

Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller have been riding the line between satirical songs and absolute bangers. Their new single, featuring Quinn XCII, is most definitely a banger. While still delivering dad jokes in their lyrics, their songwriting capabilities have grown immensely and deserved a spotlight moment for this week.

Madeline The Person – CHAPTER 1: The Longing 

Madeline The Person, a 19-year-old artist who gained traction from TikTok, released her first song “As a Child” last month. Now, she’s released her first EP, CHAPTER 1: The Longing. Consisting of four songs, each track is about missing someone, childhood and nostalgic fantasies.

Kami Kehoe – “Slow”

At age 17, Kami has juggled the titles of producer, songwriter, keyboardist and songwriter. With a modern approach to R&B and alt-pop, the song “Slow” is about “embracing the power of the word NO, and being more able to hold your own regards to what your needs are”. Expect more to come from Kami, as this is just one of the 50 different songs she’s written during quarantine.

boyband – “by myself” and announces upcoming album

The Grammy-nominated producer and creator officially announced his upcoming album by dropping a new single this week. The song “by myself” tells the story of a once blossoming relationship that turned sour with self-destructive tendencies. boyband utilizes a state of frenzy with a mix of synth and guitar in “by myself” to make an accumulated wall of sound. Their upcoming album, never knows best, is set for release on June 18th, and you can preorder it here. What’s interesting about this album is its character concept, based on the life of Mamimi Samejima, whose persona is from the animated series FLCL. 

DENM – “Califas” single and music video, announces upcoming album

The rising SOCAL songwriter/producer DENM released the official music video for “Califas” this week, which featured Jared Watson of Dirty Heads. DENM received some well-deserved credit by making Spotify’s The New Alt playlist, and Apple Music’s New In Alt  AND New In Rock playlists over these last few weeks. “Califas” is a splash of reggae and rock to recreate the sound of SoCal. As for DENM’s upcoming album, Slum Beach DennyThe Honey Pop describes it as “I seriously special sound of reggae-rock, this groovy guy creates tenacious tunes of which we can’t get enough [of]”. You can read more about DENM’s song and upcoming album here!

Don Toliver – “What You Need” single and music video

Without much warning, Cactus Jack signee Don Toliver released “What You Need” this week. While this doesn’t seem to be tied to an upcoming album, he possibly hinted at one with his caption “Trust….I’m Loading Up” on one an Instagram photo.

Gracie Ella – “Lady” single and music video

The subtle and gracious Gracie Ella just released her music video for “Lady”. This R&B delight showcases her vocal range and talent with a colorful video to match. Speaking on the single, Gracie says:

“Music has the power to unlock us from our own prisons. The song “Lady” is my interpretation of loyalty. It’s what I believe a bond is! A love so strong that it’s written in the stars. You never had to try, you are just willing to give. There is nothing to worry about, even when there is! Being in a dark place in life, I would always dream of loving someone this deeply. So I thought I’d make a song out of what I thought it might like.”


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