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Nü Music Friday

Nü Music Friday: Weekly Roundup 7/16/21



We’ve got new releases in the rock, folk, contemporary, rap, and RnB worlds! Check out our top picks below, on this week’s NÜ MUSIC FRIDAY:

BROS – Vol. 2

after Vol.1‘s success in 2016, the BROS Ewan and Shamus Currie released Vol. 2 this Friday. The Canadian band takes Vol. 2 to a refreshing space, hellbent on giving each of the 13 songs their own unique qualities. In this case, different sounds require backup from artists like Jimmy Bowskill, Neil Currie, Thomas D’Arcy and more. The new album fuses honky-tonks, a vintage atmosphere, and uses the piano, fiddle, guitar and more to create a feeling of its own.


The Grammy-nominated rock band NEEDTO BREATHE released “Carry Me”, which will be  featured on their upcoming Into The Mystery. “Carry Me” was produced with their friend Jon Foreman of Switchfoot.

Foy Vance – “If Christopher Calls”

The Northern Irish Foy Vance released “If Christopher Calls”, a devastatingly beautiful song about his wife’s father that passed away. The sentimental song will be featured on his upcoming album, Signs of Life, which is about “re-emergence…flowers growing through the cracks in Chernobyl. Life finds a way, doesn’t it?”

Pop Smoke – Faith

After small glimpses into the album, Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album, Faith, was sent out to the world this week. The 20-track work has features from Kanye, Future, Kid Cudi, Pharrell, Dua Lipa and more, and gives a great look into what could have been a big star in the making. The album opens with a sentimental statement of the great rapper, and as it says, “the smoke will never clear”.

Phoebe Katis – Sweet Reunion

Sweet Reunion is a self-reflective piece on finding new love, holding accountability and the bittersweet conclusion of a relationship. This search for a deeper truth in someone is met by the final track, “How Far We Come”, which brings a sense of self-acceptance and peace.


Kevin Abstract – “Slugger”

BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract teamed up with $not and slowthai to drop a “Slugger” this week. The song was produced by a BROCKHAMPTON member and still holds the same 90s, warped rap that we all know and love from B-HAMP.

Normani – “Wild Side” featuring Cardi B

After 2 years of no music from Normani, the singer paired with Cardi B and released “Wild Side” this week. The music video was choreographed by  Sean Bankhead and features the two seductively dancing and posing to this RnB hit.

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