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Nü Music Friday

Nü Music Friday: Weekly Roundup 8/27/21



Welcome back to another week of new music! Check out new releases from Kehlani, SZA, Chubby and the Gang and more on this week’s Nü Music Friday:

Kehlani – “Cloud 19”

Welcome back to nostalgia with Kehlani! After 12 successful years in the music industry, Kehlani takes a trip down memory lane with the full release of her debut mixtape Cloud 19. The 8 tracks were written when she was 19 and are available on ALL platforms for the first time.

SZA – “Nightbird”, “I Hate You” and “Joni”

While waiting for SZA’s upcoming album, fans were given a huge surprise: three new, random releases. The songs were uploaded to a random SoundCloud account and are several of many songs SZA plans on releasing this year (and we couldn’t be happier).

Alicia Walter – “Standing At Your Doorstep”

The former leader of Oshwa, Alicia Walter, released a peppy single “Standing At Your Doorstep”. This single is off her upcoming debut album I Am Alicia, and the release was followed by a flash-mob-esque music video. It will definitely put you in a good mood!

Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar – “Family Ties”

Cousins Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar come back into the limelight with Keem’s new single “Family Ties”. This is Kendrick’s first appearance this year, but he still comes with the promise of his upcoming album.

“There’s beauty in completion. And always faith in the unknown.”

Chubby and the Gang – The Mutt’s Nuts

Deep in the UK scene, the wild punkers Chubby and the Gang released their second rocking album The Mutt’s Nuts. The front half of the album holds the same pent up anger the group has shared in their first album, but the latter half takes a new pace for the group. Using piano, harmonica and rare moments of subtlety, the group continues to prove that all hell has- and will- break loose.

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