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Nü Music Friday

Nü Music Friday- Weekly Roundup 9/24/21



Welcome back to another week of music! With releases from G-Easy, Sufjan stevens & Angelo De Augustine,  Crouton Cannon and more, these are our top picks for Nü Music Friday:

G-Eazy- These Things Happen Too

After world tours and records that went platinum, G-Eazy returns with the sequel to These Things Happen, with These Things Happen Too. When asked why he chose to make a sequel album, Eazy explains to Entertainment Weekly:

“Well, to me, the album represents a full-circle journey. Setting out with all this ambition on the first one as a wide-eyed kid who wanted the world, wanted the universe, wanted to travel, wanted to transcend, wanted to take it above and beyond, and then experiencing all of that — getting to take my music all around and make so many dreams come true, but kinda reflecting on the journey as a whole, as well as the impact it’s had on me for better or for worse…”

These Things Happen Too features YG, Lil Wayne, Marc E. Bassy, Demi Lovato (from the earlier release “Breakdown”) and more. It also features the “sequel” to “Me, Myself and I”, with “I, Me, Myself”, as well as a remix to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”.

Crouton Cannon – Soup Sessions

Funky and comforting, the Londonites Crouton Cannon released their first album Soup Sessions.

The collection of 7 songs is playful, drawing from jazz, funk and a bit of pop-rock to make a diverse collection of subjects and tracks. Ranging from food to chemical-bouncing to budding romance, the album is simply fun and worth a listen (my favorite off the album is definitely “Expressing”).

The Lathums – How Beautiful Life Can Be

The go-lucky group from Wigan, England released the anthemic album How Beautiful Life Can Be. The album is a crisp declaration of life. The album was about lead writer Alex Moore’s family values, drawn from English greats like The Kinks, The Beatles, and more.

How Beautiful Life Can Be has a sense of sincerity to it that is best described as a refreshing spirit, a sense of home. Included below is a mini-documentary that The Lathums shared about home and the album.

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – A Beginner’s Mind

The dynamic duo in sonic sound, Stevens and De Augustine, released their collaborated album A Beginner’s Mind. The piece was written while the two spent a month in New York together, bonding and watching movies.

The Independent described the two as “like a modern-day Simon & Garfunkel with PhDs in psychotherapy. The album is absolutely fascinating, alluding to several different works. The opener “Reach Out” is inspired by the 1987 fantasy Wings of Desire, about an angel that falls in love and becomes human in order to be in touch with human desire.

The album also draws upon the 2015 film, Carrie & Lowell, the 1950 film All About Eve and more. A Beginner’s Mind is like a choose-your-adventure-album, with each piece giving you a completely different look at their friendship and talent.

Givēon – “For Tonight”

This week, Givēon tugs on the heartstrings with “For Tonight”. The song is a soulful ballad that he describes as “a story of a taboo vice that I just can’t seem to stop indulging in”.

Givēon has gained insane publicity in the past year after “Heartbreak Anniversary” and landed features with Justin Bieber and Drake.

NBA Youngboy – Sincerely, Kentrell

This week, Youngboy Never Broke Again returns with Sincerely, Kentrell. Parts of this album were written in jail, and the album is 21 tracks long that includes details of his mental state from prison.

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