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Nü Music Friday

Nü Music – Weekly Roundup 10/1/21



Nü Music Friday is filled with collabs this week! Featuring duos like Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett, Kali Uchis & SZA and Lil Wayne & Rich the Kid, here are our top picks for this week’s Nü Music Friday:

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett – Love For Sale

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s 2014 album Cheek to Cheek came as shock that the music world needed, allowing Lady Gaga to extend her traditional jazz training. 7 years later, the two have paired again with Love For Sale, with a now 95 Tony Bennett who has already played his final public performances the month before. Bennett also announced this will be his last audio recording. His soulful full voice mixed with Lady Gaga’s bright tone make a great duo in Love For Sale, and knowing this will be Tony Bennett’s final work makes it an emotional album to listen to.

Overcoats – “Service”

The electric pop duo from New York City, the Overcoats, released a remix of their single “Service”. This new look at “Service” brings more percussive elements to bring a new emotion into the song.

Miles Francis, a collaborator in “Service” says in a press release thinks of their new single as “a cry for help masked as an offer of help, and the remix perfectly captures and elevates that anxiousness and unsettling persistence.”

Kali Uchis & SZA – “Fue Mejor” remix

“This is Latin R&B, this is SZA singing in Spanish for the first time, this is spooky season, this IS the moment.”

Best said above by Kali Uchis herself, the two R&B stars have paired up for a remix to Kali’s hit “Fue Mejor”. Its release features SZA’s first bilingual track, and the music video includes SZA and Uchis draped against and on top of cars.

Dylan – “Someone Else”

The young up-and-comer Dylan released an angsty hit this week, “Someone Else”. Dylan explains how straightforward the song is. “There are no hidden meanings, it is simply about falling in love with someone else, which obviously is a tad heartbreaking.

PLANET – “Ship Won’t Change”

After their year long hiatus, the Austrailian indie-rock band PLANET released the single “Ship Won’t Change”. The single was mixed in part by Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters) and clings to a nostalgic alt-pop sphere.

Meek Mill – Expensive Pain

This week, Meek Mill released his fifth and high-anticipated album Expensive Pain. The album revolves around the idea that money can’t buy you happiness, no matter how high you climb the ladder. While the album still swaggers with luxury and knocking haters, Mill takes some soul-infused routes with “On My Soul” and “Ride For You”.

Lil Wayne & Rich the Kid – Trust Fund Babies Mixtape

Lil Wayne and Rich the Kid collab for the mixtape Trust Fund Babies. The mixtape is ten songs and features YG, and the two discussed with Zane Lowe from Apple Music for why they decided to join forces on this work:

Rich is like my little bro form day one… and we always said we were going to do something.”

Rich the Kid remineces,even before I was doing music, I remember parts of my life where [Lil Wayne’s] mixtapes just got me through life…Watching Tune and how he built his empire. I’m just learning from him. I’m just trying to elevate and learn more, and get better at it.”

Wale & J.Cole – “Poke It Out”

Their last collab being in 2018 (“My Boy – Freestlye”), the Wale and J.Cole duo came as a surprise on this new single. “Poke It Out” utilizes a Dr. Dre beat and will be featured on Wale’s upcoming album Folarin II, out on October 22nd.

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