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Originating from Singapore, Tabitha Nauser releases new single “Won`t Stop”



Tabitha Nauser releases her newest single “Won’t Stop” which was completed in just three days. This single elevates Nauser’s sweet R&B vocals over the slow backing track to provide listeners with a heartfelt song to add to any soul or R&B playlist.

When speaking on the origins and story behind “Won’t Stop”, Nauser states, “Won’t Stop is about finding a passionate connection with someone, both emotionally and intimately. It’s about allowing yourself to fall madly in love and giving up all control to your significant other knowing that this person is going to respect and reciprocate the love that you need. I really wanted to have a track that represented how I felt. I realised everything I knew or understood about love before them, didn’t make sense. I was exploring this whole new realm of what I always wanted love to be like for me and it felt almost too good to be true.”

Images by Tabitha Nauser

Listen to “Won’t Stop” here.

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