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PACKS share stripped-down cover of Iceage’s “Drink Rain”



The Toronto-based band PACKS released “Drink Rain,” the first single since the release of their album Take the Cake in May. “Drink Rain” was originally recorded by Norwegian rock quartet Iceage.

PACKS is made up of vocalist Madeline Link, Shane Hooper (drums), Noah O’Neil (bass), and Dexter Nash (lead guitar.)

Drink Rain

“When I first listened to this song, I was awestruck,” Link said online. “I listened all day every day for weeks, trying to engrain each note into my brain. A love song about bugs and rainwater in a strange, unpredictable key. The simple desperation quietly called out to me, saying, ‘You need to learn this song on the guitar so you can sing it too.’ So I sat down one afternoon when I was alone and picked it out. Now when I listen to it, it’s less because of the obsessive need to, and more out of sheer pleasure.”

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