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Panda Bear drops strange, trippy video for “Buoys”



Back in February, Panda Bear released his newest album Buoys, which was a subtle shift away from his typical style. He traded out the busy, swirling electronics for a more acoustic, churning LP that ran at a tight 31 minutes. And today, the chilled out musician has dropped an utterly bizarre video for the title track. And…whew it is quite a sight, trading out the small scale world of the album for something much more over the top bonkers.

”Buoys” as a song is very much in line with what many of the songs on the album play around with. There’s some light guitar, slow and sparse vocals, and even a touch of the electronic. In keeping with the Panda Bear style, there is a sense of the surreal and serene in equal measure. The video, however, opts to drop the serene and ramp up the surreal. In a way, I kinda want you to just go into this thing blind and be taken aback. On the other hand, you should know what you’re in for. The video was directed by longtime Animal Collective collaborator Danny Perez, so if you’re familiar with his work, you know what to expect. For the unfamiliar, here’s what you can expect: a bulldog, brightly colored women, a dating show scene, and a dancer in a full body suit.

But to Panda Bear himself, there’s an emotional angle here. He states:

”Dogs see past how many followers we have and how many tickets we sell. This allows us to relax, be ourselves and not sweat the small stuff. I wanted to make a video that relayed the themes of the song’s lyrics to the confidence and bliss that comes from the relationship with an animal.”

Intrigued? Well, then give “Buoys” a watch down below.

Pick up a copy of Buoys right here.


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