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Paramore share video for “Rose-Colored Boy”



Paramore had sort of refreshing reemergence last year with the release of their fifth album After Laughter. Instead of going back to the pop-punk sound that cemented their placement in the music scene, the band opted to shift into a glitzier, poppier direction. And they were all the better for it.

Paramore’s twist into 80’s-esque electronic pop was not only an absolute blast to listen to, but also a nice change of pace for the group. One of the songs that highlights their shift in direction is “Rose-Colored Boy,” which is now the official new single. Naturally, we get a really nice video for it.

“Rose-Colored Boy” is essentially about the Hayley Williams feeling a desire to be more optimistic and upbeat like her partner, but knowing that she can’t really be. It’s a track that exemplifies the sound of After Laughter as well as the dueling ideas of instrumentation vs. lyrics. Throughout much of the album, the songs remain fairly upbeat and busy and fun, but underneath all that are some lyrical themes that plunge into sadness. That duality also rears its head with the story of the new video which sees the band being all-smiles on-air talk show hosts, while barely keeping things together behind the scenes.

Now that you’ve read all that, watch the video below.

After Laughter is out now. Stream it here, or pick up a copy here.


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