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Personalities talked to us about getting started and growing as a band, plus homeless guys on tour.



Hailing from North Florida and Southern Georgia, Personalities has established a presence over the underground scene across the East Coast of the United States.

1.    How did you guys all meet and when did you know you had something with the band?

Trevor: I met Troy playing shows together in two different local bands. We both wanted to do a side project but in ended up being our priority. Troy brought Jeff over when we were writing and it just all kinda happened. We realized we might be doing something worthwhile, at least to us, when a huge amount of support started flooding in. It’s nice knowing there are people out there who can be on the same page with you.

Jeff: Met Trevor through Troy. Troy and I played in different bands at the time, I’d recently given up on mine, he and were constantly partying in the same groups and it sorta fell into place when he talked to Trevor about me joining. We all clicked and people responded generally well to the first single.

Troy: Like Trevor said, we both met through being in the Jacksonville music scene and wanted to start up a side project. I brought Jeff into the loop & we all just clicked immediately. My first impression on having something was all the crazy support we received right as soon as we dropped our debut single.

Joey:  I was introduced to the band in early 2016 by a mutual friend of ours, Aaron. He was at my house while I was playing drums one day and he told me about a band in town Personalities that was looking for a drummer. He sent ‘em a video of me playing and I hit up Trevor, next thing I knew we were meeting at a studio to jam. We set up another couple of practices after that and made it official. Before we even played our first show with me in the band, we became super close and all mutually hyped about what we were doing. It was great.

2.    Describe playing small shows and growing as a musician into where you are now?

Trevor: Small shows can honestly be the most stressful events. It’s alot more intimate, your mistakes are loud and clear. But, some of my best memories are from when we played in front of ten people. Playing small shows starting out is a good thing. You gotta work out the kinks first.

Jeff: I’ve learned a lot from playing small shows in the beginning. They’ve helped me become a better performer through trial and error, I’ve made a lot of great friends, and gained the confidence to perform in front of people. It’s made me really appreciate being able to play in front of a packed and fun crowd, and be able to look back and see how far things have come.

Troy: Playing small shows is a lot of fun. It’s very intimate; to me it’s like playing to family in a way. We’ve played our fair share of shows over time and we learn from our mistakes. I was a very shy kid growing up, after playing so many shows you learn to just kill it every night & don’t worry if you think you look silly.

Joey: For me personally, I can always appreciate a small show. Small venues are always fun too, as long as the sound is good. The great thing about smaller shows is you have your real fans there. Generally people you’re close with and it just makes it a more intimate deal.

3.    Who are some of your influences then and now?

Trevor: My influences are kind of all over the place. Slipknot was probably the first metal band I was really into. I just fell in love with how aggressive they sound. I grew up on Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Pantera, and stuff like that but the older I got I just ended up leaning towards darker music. Some bands that I am inspired by are Fit For A King, Like Moths to Flames, The Devil Wears Prada, The Plot in You, Bring Me the Horizon, Sworn In, Wage War and Veil of Maya. Loads more, but we are in that ballpark I would say.

Jeff: My first music influences were AC/DC, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Guns N’ Roses, etc. I wouldn’t say we sound like any of them but they really inspired me to try and make music. Now I listen to a large variety of music, old and new. I’ll go from listening to things like Aerosmith to Kevin Gates to Marshmello to Thy Art is Murder. Just examples, but really no rhyme or reason to my typical playlist haha.

Troy: I’ve been listening to heavy music since birth to be honest. When I was super young I would jam Marilyn Manson, Slipknot & Korn in the living room with my father. He’s definitely helped shape me into the metal scene. Clay Gober of Polyphia is a huge influence I look up to. I also personally dig Veil Of Maya, Volumes & Oceans Ate Alaska a ton. Reel Big Fish is an honorable mention as well.

Joey: I’ve always been heavily influenced by bands like Underoath and Blink-182. I often tend to listen to older stuff that heavily influenced me at certain periods like Gwen Stacy and Once Nothing. As I’ve gotten older, other genres have helped inspire the way I create the music I do as well. Hip-hop, R&B and Jazz is my outlet when I want to get away from the heavy stuff, however learning these genres allows me to apply different techniques into our sound, which can be fun. 

4.    What’s the song writing process like?

Trevor: It is different every song honestly. Sometimes I start with lyrics or a chorus and build around that. Or I write instrumentals and go back to do lyrics. It all just kind of depends. I write the first drafts, Jeff fine tunes them, and then we meet in the middle for organization.

Jeff: Yeah it varies each song. Typically Trevor sends me something and I’ll tweak the patterns here or there, maybe change some notes or progressions, but typically I do a lot more on the production side as far as effects and sound ideas go. Our producer and good friend Joe usually expands on and refines those production ideas and makes them shine.

Troy: Trevor and jeff primarily go back and forth with a riff they’ve came up with and we build onto that. Joey and myself will add things as well. We all come together and pick at songs with final edits before they’re finished.

Joey: Typically Trevor and/or Jeff will start off with something they created at home and share it with us at a practice. We share ideas and give input where needed until we have a good basis for a song. Then we all add our own parts in between. It has seemed to work out pretty well.

5.    What’s your favorite tour story?

Trevor: This answer changes every time but off the top of my head… We played in Gainesville one time and two homeless men decided they were going to hitch a ride up to Georgia with us. It was funny for about an hour which was how long it took us to get them out of our trailer.

Jeff: When we were in Worcester, MA an odd old guy said he was working at the venue and he was confiscating our drinks while we were outside the venue. Went inside and saw the drinks sitting at the ticket podium, and turns out that guy doesn’t even work at the venue, he just gets drunk and assumes the role of security. He then proceeded to follow us around while laughing at absolutely nothing.

Troy: I have so many to choose from, I’d have to go with one time we were in Salem Mass & I convinced myself I could open doors by wearing a “magic witch jacket”.

Joey: I once laughed so hard while eating that I got piece of chicken stuck in my sinus cavity somewhere and I was super sick for the rest of tour. That night it happened, I threw up on my drums mid-set and had to finish the show. It was the worst thing ever, however it was very funny as well.

6.    Talk to me about your new music and plans for the back half of 2017?

Trevor: The new ep, Loose Ends, follows a dark series of events that either I have been apart of or has effected someone close to me. The lyrics are painfully honest and is definitely our best work so far.

Jeff: I’m excited for people to hear the new music we have coming out. I think each song is unique but they all still fit on the same CD. As of now, we’re working hard to get out to cities we haven’t played in a while and finishing writing more new material.

Troy: I feel our new release is going to shock a lot of people. Personally I feel every time we come up with new music it feels better & better. We plan to tour & spread our name like wildfire.

Joey: After getting the chance to listen to our new EP in full after being completed, I must say I’m very pleased with what we created. The newer music seems more dramatic, with more ups and downs in the songs, and I love that kind of stuff. There’s a bunch of it that’s in your face too, which is always necessary. As far as the back end of the year goes, we’re getting ready for this release here very shortly and hoping to put this EP on the road and get it in a few places out of town

7.     Who is your favorite comic book character?

Trevor: I’m a nerd so I have a few: Nightcrawler, Deadpool, and Daredevil are some!

Jeff: Batman all the way.

Troy: Wolverine, since I was young.

Joey: Batman, hands down. He’s a baller. 

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