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Placeholder’s Jake Thomas talks new EP, playing in Charlotte



We got a chance to chat with Jake Thomas from the band Placeholder. The guys make North Carolina there home and just dropped a new EP and are supporting it with a few local shows. Check em out.

Where does the name Placeholder come from? And how did you guys come together as a band?
We were looking to name our band after songs we like, so we sifted through our favorite albums and eventually decided on Placeholder by The Story So Far. The band started with 3 members in 2015 under the name Fatsos. Nick, Timmy (former bassist) and Colman met in High School, and I went to High School with our current bassist, Charles Walker. Charlie asked Timmy, Nick and me to be in his live band for his solo project and that’s how I ended up meeting Colman. Eventually we all left the Charles Walker live band and I was asked to join Fatsos after their first show in early 2016.
Briefly talk about the new EP and the process of writing and getting it finished. Who was involved with the different aspects?
The new EP focuses a lot on specific events that took place in my life and how I felt about them, rather than just feelings in general. I’m the main songwriter in the band, so for all but one song the process was me coming up with a melody on guitar and writing chords to back it. After that I structured the songs how I felt would work best and wrote some basic drums to it. Then I would write lyrics and vocal melodies and show it to the rest of the band to see what they think. “Landspeeder II” was written between myself, Nick, and a bassist we were playing with earlier in the year. Nick, Colman and I wrote drums to “Building Six” together, and Nick helped me with lyrics. Grab the new EP here.
Where are some of you favorite places to play here in the Charlotte area?
We loved playing Snug Harbor and hope to play there more in the future. The first venue we played in Charlotte was The Milestone, and we love the people over there. The Station and Petra’s were really great and we’re playing our release show at The Station. Everyone is really great around Charlotte and we have yet to feel uncomfortable at any venue here. It’s hard to choose a favorite.
What might your favorite track be on the EP, and why?
I think my personal favorite is Building Six because it’s the only song that isn’t about being sad. It’s short and fun, I love it. Nick’s favorite is Afraid because it’s fun to play and he likes the harmonies on it. Colman’s favorite song on the EP is Woodford Reserve because it taps into a different side of our combined influences as a band that normally don’t shine through our usual sound.
For the start of 2018 other than promoting the EP, what other goals do you guys have for the year?
2017 was the year of establishing ourselves in Charlotte. We are looking for 2018 to be about pushing outward. I love playing shows because we have the potential to make others happy and to potentially provide an escape for people for a little while. All of us coming together to enjoy music makes me happy, and we want to bring that to more cities around the east coast next year. I’ll be working on our first tour, I believe.
You guys have any favorite hidden gems around town that folks should know about?
Due Amici Pizza is a great one. Not so hidden, but Price’s chicken coop is amazing.
Describe your music in three words for those who may have never heard it before.
Cook Out Rock.
Check the guys out on Twitter and  Facebook.
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