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Post-rock Dead Register new video “Don’t Fail Me Now” and a pickle partnership



Following the recent release of their extended Don’t Fail Me single/EP in February, Atlanta, Georgia-based Dead Register has announced a new collaboration with local picklemongers Kelly’s Death Pickles for the limited release of the band’s own run of Dill-Do’s. Nothing in this world could be more up my alley.
dead register
In a new alliance with Atlanta-based Kelly’s Death Pickles, an independent company that produces small batch, gourmet pickled products, DEAD REGISTER presents their own Dill-Do’s. The limited run of sour cucumbers will be available in the coming days via mailorder and locally, including at the May Day Market at Empire Arts Gallery in Atlanta this Saturday, May 1st where the band will be in attendance. Find more info HERE and get your own Dill-Do’s HERE.
DEAD REGISTER’s most ambitious song yet, “Don’t Fail Me” comes to life through an intense live-action mixed-media puppet extravaganza which portrays the emotional depths of the song’s lyrical focus as an official music video. The single’s video displays the band’s first-ever foray into puppetry, coming as no surprise as their last four videos have also taken a unique DIY route.
dead register
The single saw release through a maxi-single/EP which included three soundboard songs recorded live in Lafayette, Louisiana on the band’s 2019 tour – “Fiber” (Fiber LP), “Ender” (Captive EP), and “Circle Of Lies” from the band’s impending 2021 LP – and “Failed,” a remix of “Don’t Fail Me” by Lament Cityscape.
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