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Premiere: Aim High – me & ur ghost (blackbear cover)



Today, South Carolina pop-punk band Aim High shares their vivid new music video for their cover of emo-rap blackbear’s “me & ur ghost”. Although written and developed quickly, the video clearly displays a fun-loving group of musicians with a passion for entertainment.


Shot by NoShakeFilms and additional edits by JerelVision, this video is a colorful burst of energy to help revitalize your week.

“After our debut multi-EP release, we sat down to write some more songs and in one of the sessions, during a break, I saw that blackbear released a new song on Spotify. I (Calebjustcaleb) am a huge blackbear fan, so I immediately checked it out and got so inspired; I thought “we have to cover this.” The whole band wasn’t initially familiar with blackbear or his music, but we started vibing and discussing the idea of actually doing a cover/remake. We vowed that if we were going to do it we were going to stay true to who we are as a band, sonically. We wrote the cover in about a week, recorded it at Saucewithspoons Studios and Freeway Music in Columbia, SC. It is mixed by MixedByKip and mastered by legendary engineer/producer Andrew Wade.

The music video is pretty straightforward, we originally were going to do more elaborate scenes with more people and really play into the conceptual aspect, but when the coronavirus hit we decided to edit what we had and throw in a whole bunch of cool animation/effects, which we ended up really liking. The whole process was super fun. Our vocalist/producer Calebjustcaleb edited a good bit and animated all of the video.”



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