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PREMIERE: America Jayne explores frustrations of FWB boundaries in new visual for single “Souvenirs”



Indie-rock songstress America Jayne prides herself on being just that, only and proudly herself.

Her ability to channel huge, year-long feelings into 3 minutes allows her to communicate even the toughest subjects, like owning her queer sexuality. Her next raw, guitar-driven single “Souvenirs” encapsulates a frustrating feeling of trying to stick to boundaries in a friends with benefits relationship.
america jayne souvenirs
“‘Souvenirs’ is an unabashed, fuck being friends with benefits, anthem.This song is the anger phase of the five phases of grief.  The song was born from a time where I struggled to find the boundaries between friendship, emotional relationships, and sex. Whenever you mix those three things, disaster is bound to happen, and this explores the uncomfortable in-between”


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