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PREMIERE: Dance with us to the new BREYER single “WDYS?”



BREYER’s “WDYS?” is the playful and bright summer anthem we’ve been waiting for all year.


Exclusively on Nu Sound today, 25-year-old Breyer White, recently known for fronting indie rock band We Are Funhouse, releases brand new single “WDYS?” along with it’s accompanying music video. The video features BREYER and his right-hand man The Angellik taking a snappy stroll through a city and features groovy dad moves that complement the single perfectly.

“WDYS?” kicks off with a wonderful synth hook and launches listeners into a flowery meadow where anything is possible. This single is a pure, vivacious display of BREYER’s ability to paint a detailed scene through music. “WDYS?” belongs on everyone’s summer jams playlist and whether you’re frolicking in a field of daisies or dancin’ in the kitchen, BREYER will leave you with a giant smile and good feeling.

“WDYS? Like, what does that even mean? That’s the intended effect. The obvious-but-not-so-obvious acronym details a difficult question we’ve all had to ask in one form or another. What do you say? Whether its to the love of your life, someone important offering a new opportunity, to your best friends inviting you to go on a last-minute road-trip, this song details that deep resistance we sometimes feel to fulfilling our true potential and finding true happiness. Often the greatest risks reap the deepest rewards. The hardest part is taking the first step. 

The cover art details a path in a flowery meadow. The sun is shining and it seems as if anything is possible down that quiet trail. 

The video also hints at this deeper message of finding one’s true path. The real magic is inside us, bubbling to life through our dreams and imaginations at any given moment. We see this unfold through two “businessmen”, as a drunken walk home after a drink turns into a Disney-esque two-man dance routine, leaving them singing into the night.” – BREYER


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