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Premiere: EMPTY HEAVEN single and lyric video “Making It Up (From A Discount Tire)”



None of us asked to be born yet we’re forced to live life in such a way that pleases the world around us. We work, we pay bills, we make dinner, the list of boring things goes on. Sometimes, our frustration with the material world boils over and delivers a small spark, but what happens when even our boiling point becomes boring?


empty heaven band


Indie-rock artist Empty Heaven and his latest single “Making It Up (From A Discount Tire)”, from upcoming album Getting The Blue paints a picture of this exact situation. Shimmering guitar tones with similarly brilliant vocals almost mask the lyrical depth Empty Heaven explores, yet the meaning bursts through almost immediately.



Anthony (Empty Heaven) comments, “Most complaints live in the world of the mundane. But once the pedestrian bummers start to pile up, the boringness of the anger becomes forgotten. It all has to come out somehow, often in a screed no one wants. This is that screed set to a fun beat. The parenthetical title is just a stupid allusion to Dylan’s “From a Buick 6.” But the video is far from stupid. Big ups to Nick Rohr of Lemon Pulp Comics for bringing this song’s mania to life.”




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